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Because of the recent announcement, all the EU servers have been removed except for the ones listed below.
  • 2FORT -

As you can see we have added two rotation servers with PL/KOTH and CP/CTF maps in rotation, votes to change maps are enabled in those servers.

If you had any of the old server ips in your favorites steam should automatically update your favorites list in the next 24/48 hours, if not, feel free to save the new ips in there.

The changes for the US servers will be announced tomorrow.

  Recently Valve have restricted even more the kind of servers that can be on the QuickPlay list, one of the new rules forbids selling or giving any kind of gameplay advantages to players, that forced us to opt out of quickplay in order to avoid any kind of punishment.

Because of this we have lost alot of traffic, mainly due of the vast majority of the TF2 player base using quickplay to find servers, we have been left to favorites and server browser traffic, which sadly, todays represent a low number.

Because of this we have been forced to take some actions in order to make the situation the less problematic for our players, we have decided to cut off a bunch of most-empty TF2 servers and just leave online the most popular servers, you guys will still be able to use premium features on those servers but they won't be in quickplay.

In order to give NighTeam a new path in the TF2 world, we have also choosed to put online a bunch of vanilla TF2 servers, those servers would qualify to be on the quickplay list, but sadly, none of the game-changing premium features would exists in them, some would still exists but not all, the list is still to be announced.

Along with this we will make a change to our premium accounts, some premium features won't be a premium feature itself but something that all players on the server would enjoy, for example, the fast running speed, there will be other changes here in order to balance gameplay for premium vs normal players, there will be also a cheaper montly premium account that will only work on vanilla servers but not premium servers, more details of this will be released once the vanilla servers are put online.

The list of premium servers that will be saved is as follow:

  • 2fort
  • custom maps
  • turbine
  • harvest
  • hightower
  • degrotkeep
  • doomsday
  • manor event
  • doublecross
  • cp/koth rotation
  • pl/ctf rotation

  • The list is still to be made

Im sorry as there will be people that won't like this change but its something that has to be made if we want NighTeam to stay alive.



As you know we had a database issue that made NighTeam entirely unavailable for almost a day, the database is now restored and all its back to normality.

However, some things are to note, PayPal transactions for December 15th were lost, i've recovered as much as i could but i couldn't recover the information of 8 transactions (7 Paypal and 1 from PaymentWall).

I've sent an email to all the PayPal transactions (Email have been sent to the address used to pay, your paypal email) however i do not have a way to contact the user so if you have payed via PaymentWall that day and didn't got your days back, PM me with the information that you got on the confirmation email when you payed and i will add your days back.

About PayPal, there's one email that failed delivery, same thing as avobe applies, if you payed via PayPal and didn't got any mail, PM me and I will fix the issue quickly.

Im sorry for this downtime but this was something unexpected.

Thank you!

  There have been some recent events that made all of our CSS mods quit moderating our servers, this lead to radical and needed change.

Reasons of them quitting are variated, from issues with players to personal issues.

Right now we were choosing new moderators based on the recommendations of our current moderators and every moderator of NighTeam (TF2 and CSS) had word and vote about if a proposed moderator should have the door open in case he/she wants to become part of the team.

This have changed, we will still choose new mods based on recommendations however this rule is now flexible if the conditions apply, there have been some internal changes and all the current moderators are already aware of them.

Just wanted to inform the NGT community about the recent events.

  Hello : )

We have made a move on 10 of our US TF2 servers, the new IP are as follow.
  • US MVM #1:
  • US MVM #2:
  • US KING:
  • US IDLE #1:
Save the IP's on your favorites to have them at hand.

Have fun and happy Halloween !

  Hello guys !

With the recent release of the annual Scream Fortress 2 update we have also launched a small update to our NighTeam website with some new features.

Along with that we've added two new servers running the HellTower map for this year halloween event, the server ips are as follow:
US Helltower will be moved tomorrow over a new IP, i will post the updated address as i've made the change.

NighTeam Portal Changes:
  • Rebuilt premium buy system, we have dropped the support for Allopass and added PaymentWall as the new system for processing SMS payments (See below for more information).
  • Added the possibility to use discount codes for the paypal packages, see below for a discount code we've made.
  • Added the possibility to gift premium accounts to your friends, simply choose the option when you click the "Become Premium" link and enter either his NighTeam portal account name, steam id or email address used to register his account at the portal.
  • Added a page listing all the banned nighteam accounts and the ban information, you can see it by clicking the "Banned Players" link at the portal.
  • Changed the appareance of NighTeam informational email messages, now they're more petty
  • Added the point system to the website, for now the points can't be spent but they're recorded for the future (See below for more information).
New payment method: PaymentWall

We have implemented a new payment method replacing Allopass, this new method features much more payment options than allopass, you can buy premium in several ways, including for example PaySafeCard, brief explanation of each payment option.
  • PayPal: Everyone knows it.
  • MobilePay: You can use your phone to buy premium days by sending a sms message, the rates are much better than the ones with Allopass.
  • PaymentWall: Offers credit card, bank transfer, SMS, Prepaid cards (Paysafecard, uKash, and more depending on your country).
  • Offerwall: Allows you to get premium days by filling our surveys, note that any information requested in the surveys is out of our control, is up to you about what information you want to give.
The new reward point system:

We have implemented the first step of a upcoming new feature on all the NighTeam servers, a reward point system.

This system will allow you to buy temporal powerups on our servers, you don't need to be a premium user in order to spend your points and you will have two ways to get points, playing in our servers and buying one of our premium accounts.

The system now just rewards buying premium accounts but not playing in the servers, this is because we want to start recording points from now so when the update is finished every player who bought a premium account will have the points ready to be spent, right now you can't spend any points but you do earn them as you buy premium days.

The details about how the points will be rewarded by playing in our servers is yet to be determined, the information will be released once the system is fully completed.

Halloween 2013 Promotional Code:

If you're going to buy premium using paypal you can use the HALLOWEEN2013 promotion code to get a 30% off on all of the premium packages, the code is valid until November 11 so better hurry up!

Enjoy and have fun!

  First of all i want to apology for the recent downtime of NighTeam, the master server have been having issues which hopefully are now solved for good.

On the other hand i've updated the TF2 servers fixing a old bug that was causing some weapons to not get any premium benefits, for example the Black Box not having 6 rockets or the Loch n Load having only 3 grenades.

Have fun!

  With the recent TF2 update Valve broke the premium plugin so i've pushed a new update to fix the issues, servers are back online.

With this, i have removed both US and EU Arena servers since they were kinda unstable and nobody ever played on them, following this removal two new servers have been added, Process and Standin, you can find the server ips below.

We hope you enjoy the new servers and spread the word about them, some issues were also fixed, most notably bots going insane in US MvM servers, now you can also start the game without needing to have 3 teammates, just like in EU servers.

Have fun and happy fragging!

  Sorry for the delays, the datacenter had to move the server over a new physical place and we had some routing issues once the move was completed, the servers are now back online.

Enjoy and have fun!

  Im glad to announce that i've made another discount on all the NighTeam premium packges.

All packages are now 40% making the 30 days package as low as 2,30€.

The offer will last a week so better hurry up if you want to become premium for a discounted price.

Have fun!

  A new update for the TF2 premium plugin has been released, this is the list of changes/fixes.
  • Fixed some botkiller weapons not getting premium bonuses.
  • Fixed paint cans not listing in the in-game item customization menu.
  • Added a 30 second delay to the !robot and !buster commands.
  • Fixed a glitch that caused premium abilities to stack when there were some database problems.
Have fun!

  A new update has been pushed out for the TF2 Plugin, this is the list of changes.
  • Fixed the walk speed bonus on the last update weapons.
  • Added the engineer to the list of classes available in the robot mode.
  • Disabled the mini sentry-gun rate limiter for non-premium players.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to build teleporter entrances outside of the map.
Update is live on both EU and US servers.

Have fun!

  A new update has been pushed out for the TF2 servers, this is the list of changes.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the premium effects to stack making weapons have insane abilities.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the overhealing health to be drained as twice as fast as it should.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause servers to hang under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ranking details to not be saved if the total time spent on any NighTeam server was higher than 596 hours.
  • The Headless Horsemen Horseman now spawns every 5 minutes on the trade server.
  • Fixed a bug making extra teleporter instances unable to find the matching exit rendering them useless.
  • Fixed the premium_jump command reseting the wait timer when called while the player is touching the ground.
New Premium Features:
  • General
    • Added the !robot chat command to play as one of the MvM robots including models and sounds.
    • Added the !buster chat command to play as a sentry buster, see below for more information.
    • Added the !thirdperson command to toggle the third person camera on and off.
  • Engineer
    • Added the ability to build bidirectional teleporters, allowing the entrance to be used as an exit and the exit as an entrance.
Information about the Robot and Sentry Busters

This update implements the "play as robot" feature requested by several players at our forums, along with this, i also took the time to implement a new feature to play as a sentry buster.

You can type "!buster" in the chat or "premium_buster" in the console to spawn as a sentry buster, as a sentry buster you can kill both people and engineers buildings by either taunting or clicking the attack button.

Players are restricted to one sentry buster every 5 minutes, there's no limit on how many players of the same team can become a sentry buster.

Sentry busters have 500 draining health points and deals an insane amount of damage, you can destroy premium teleporters with the blink of an eye.

I hope you guys like the new features and bug fixes, have fun and keep fragging!

  A new update for the CSS NighTeam plugin has been released, this is the list of changes.
  • Synchronized lots of bugfixs with the TF2 version of the plugin.
  • Implemented the !mute command, please refer to this post for more information.
CSS premium features are in the way, so stay tuned.

NOTE: Update is live on EU servers, US will be updated tomorrow.

Have fun and happy fragging!

  A new update for the NighTeam TF2 Plugin has been released, this is the list of changes.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Wrangled Sentries to stay disabled for some seconds when the sentry wasn't player controlled anymore.
  • Reduced by 60% the damage dealt by bots to human players.
  • Added the !items chat command to display the new item customization menu.
  • Added the "premium_setcolor" console command to apply a custom color to any paintable item.
  • Server will enable instant spawn again when 24 humans are online.
New Premium feature: Ability to customize your items

With this update i have added the ability for premium players to customize their items by painting them using any of the available cans or to attach particle effects to them.

Painting is only available on the items who are actually allowed to be painted (Most hats and some misc items), however, attaching particles is allowed for every single item.

In order to customize your items you first need to type !items in the game chat to bring the items menu, you will be displayed the list of your currently equiped items, select one and then select the option you want.

Customizations are saved so they're loaded again the next time you play on any of the NighTeam TF2 servers, something to note, is that if you have X amount of the same item, the effects only will apply to the one you currently have equiped (If you have, lets say 3 Natashas, only one of them will be customized, in order to customize another one you need to equip it).+

New Server: DOOMSDAY

I have added also a new server to NighTeam running the Doomsday map, right now is only available in Europe but USA location will be added soon, this is the server ips:
I hope you guys enjoy those changes, have fun!

NOTE: Update is only live in EU servers, US ones will be updated tomorrow.

  A new update has been pushed out for the NighTeam plugin, this is the list of changes.
  • Fixed the Wrangler not controlling sentries individually.
  • Fixed the "features" and "help" chat commands not working.
  • Added a "Welcome Menu" displayed when a player connects to the server.
    • Also added the chat command "start" to display this menu at any given point.
    • Premiums can disable this menu by disabling their Welcome Message feature in the Premium Panel.
  • Added the chat command "start" to display the welcome menu.
  • Added the chat command "!join" to send a NighTeam steam group invitation to your account.
    • Premium players will be automatically invited once they leave the server, auto invitations are only sent once.
Have fun and happy fragging!

  A new update has been pushed out for the NighTeam Plugin, this the list of changes
  • Fixed a bug causing bot players to not report correctly in the server browser.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the engine to not remove the "bots" tag after the server had not bots inside.
  • Fixed a bug that could make a moderator have powers even if he wasn't assigned powers in the game.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to get kicked because of kickpoints in the humillation rounds.
  • Fixed a bug that made the MvM servers in the portal report an incorect number of players.
New Premium Features
  • General Features
  • Added immunity at the round end for the losing team.
  • Engineer Features
  • Instant build on Teleporters and Dispensers (no more wrenching!).
  • Instant build for sentries during the round setup time.
US IP Changes:

A set of the US Servers have been moved to a new location, the new server is located at New York city and haves a much better network and hardware, this is the list of servers who had changed its IP.
  • US YUKON ->
  • US GORGE ->
  • US WELL CP ->
  • US KOTH ->
I hope you guys enjoy the changes, happy fragging!

NOTE: Update is live only in EU servers, US will be updated tomorrow.

  Since the MvM update servers have been really unstable because of Valve bugs left to fix, servers crash alot usually when they're almost full, there's also another bug that makes client get stuck at the "Retrieving server information" step when connecting, this is also due a Valve bug, its a general issue reported by server admins so is not isolated to NighTeam.

Hopefully all of this issues will be addressed this monday when Valve gets to work.

Sorry for the issues and happy fragging!

  With the recently released MvM TF2 update i had to update also the NighTeam plugin to fix several issues, this is the changelog.
  • Fixed issues making the server unstable after the MvM update.
  • Fixed bots compatibility issues with MvM robots.
  • Fixed items getting strange boosts.
  • Fixed not being able to build more than 1 normal sentry.
  • Added the command "premium_toggledisposable" to toggle between normal/mini sentries and disposable sentries (This works both inside MvM and outside it.
  • Replaced the NGT Vanilla servers with MvM servers as vanilla servers were empty most of the time.
Note about MvM servers:

I will keep MvM servers for a few weeks/months, they aren't permanent. MvM servers takes the same resources of a 32 FULL player server but providing 6 playable slots so they're a waste of server resources, once the MvM player base decreases NighTeam will probably have 1 or 2 MvM servers for each region, until that, we have 4 servers in each region (Probably gonna add more today/soon).

Have fun!

  With the recently released TF2 update valve added a new King of the Hill map which we run now.

This is the IPs for the new servers:
  • EU:
  • US:
Enjoy the new server and have fun!

  A new update has been published for NighTeam Servers, right now the update is live only on EU servers but US servers will be updated tomorrow, this is the list of changes.
  • Implemented the !mute chat command allowing individual users to mute the chat and microphone of other players.
  • Implemented a system to add moderators to individual games.
  • Fixed some weapons added in recent updates not getting the premium walk speed bonus.
  • Fixed the strange sticky launcher and the sticky jumper getting 8 instead of 16 bombs.
  • Fixed the liberty launcher not getting 6 rockets.
  • Fixed The Bazaar Bargain not getting instant shot charge.

The new mute system:

NighTeam already have a mute system but is only in use for moderators, however our moderators can't be online 24/7 to keep our servers clean for annoying and problematic players so i ended up creating this system.

The !mute command displays a menu in which you can manage which people you can read and hear in the entire NighTeam community servers.

If a player is annoying you and you don't want to hear his microphone or read his chat anymore, you can mute him and forget about him, of course you will still be playing with him but you won't know anything that he says.

The mute list is individual, that means that it only applies for you, there's no way to know if you have been muted by a specific player or that if he's simply ignoring you.

I hope this new system allow players to enjoy more our servers.

Have fun!

  A new update has been pushed out for our TF2 Servers, this is the changelog
  • Implemented a system to avoid mini-sentry spam.
  • Stability fixes.

Anti MiniSentry spam system

I've implemented a system to avoid or atleast decrease the mini sentry spam problem that some of our servers experience.

You can build 4 mini sentries without any penalty, once you build 4 minisentries in your life and one of them is destroyed, you will need to wait 30 seconds since the time of the sentry destroy to be able to build other minisentry.

Timers are reset on each spawn, note that this ONLY applies to mini sentries, normal sentries are unafected.

Im aware of the wrangler bug with multi sentries, i need to find a fix for it but it will take time as is not something easy (lots of hacks have to be done in order to achieve that system), also, this update is only on the EU servers for now, US servers will be updated tomorrow.

Happy fragging!

  I promised a while ago to add vanilla servers to NighTeam, so here they are!

So far there's 4 US only vanilla servers, EU servers will be online soon.

The server is located at Phoenix, AZ in a attempt to give better latencies to Asia & US West coast players, however latency across US should be fine overall.

This is the list of the IP's.

Servers run each map of each game type for 30 minutes before changing to the next one, based on the popularity of vanilla maps i'll add dedicated vanilla servers for them, for example if vanilla 2fort is pretty popular i'll add a vanilla 2fort 24/7 instead of rotate over all of the CTF Maps


  A new update has been pushed out for the NighTeam website along with important payment changes, this is the list of changes.
  • Added the Allopass payment method, see below for further details.
  • Changed the PayPal payment webpage now supporting packages to save money on long term premium subscriptions
  • Added the "View Subscriptions" button in the "Account Details" page at the NighTeam portal to see all the PayPal subscriptions status. (Only applies to subscriptions created since this update)
  • Added the ability to stack packages, now you can renew your account and add the days to your current expiration date, for example you can buy 2 180 days packages and have 360 days of premium.
  • Added the CSS servers to the "Server List" page.
  • Added the option to change the active currency in the PayPal packages page.

PayPal Packages
  • Basic - 30 Days - 3.99€
  • Bronze - 60 Days - 6.99€
  • Silver - 90 Days - 9.99€
  • Golden - 180 Days - 19.99€

Allopass Information:

Allopass is the new payment method implemented in NighTeam, it accepts alot of different payment types, from SMS payments, Call2Pay, E-Wallets, Credit card and more.

Depending on the selected payment method at Allopass you will be selected with a set of days packages, usually they're more expensive than buying it via PayPal because the comissions are much higher.

If you see any errors on the new features please let me know so i can fix it asap.


  Last planned moves of US servers have been done, this is the list of updated ip and ports for servers.
  • ARENA -
  • 5GORGE -
  • CTF WELL -
  • EGYPT -
  • HOODOO -

New servers are running on i7 2600K with 8GB of ram each one so they should be totally lag free.

Happy fragging!

    EU TURBINE 10/31
    EU MILITIA 10/31
    US DUST 9/31
    EU DUST 8/31
    EU DUST2 7/31
    EU OFFICE 5/31
    US AZTEC 4/31
    EU AZTEC 3/31
    EU 2FORT 2/31
    US OFFICE 1/31
    US MILITIA 1/31
    EU INFERNO 1/31
    US DUST2 1/31
    US 2FORT 0/31
    EU DOOMSDAY 0/31
    EU PAYLOAD & CTF ROTAT... 0/31
    US TURBINE 0/31
    EU CP & KOTH ROTATION ... 0/31
    US CP & KOTH ROTATION ... 0/31
    US PL & CTF ROTATION [... 0/31
    US INFERNO 0/31